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Empowering You to Heal Yourself

Ohana Benefits

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When you benefit, we benefit. Thank you for your interest in the benefits of supporting Ohana Therapeutic Massage. We offer a variety of programs to help you get the most out of supporting our local small business.

Our Services


The Ohana family is exclusive to those who are interested in taking control of their health and wellness through massage and bodywork.

Earn Free

Refer a friend and receive a FREE gift certificate.

WeGiveBack Community Outreach Program

Our way of giving back to our community while promoting natural wellness.


Learn more about Ohana's consultations and find out if you qualify to receive one of these $89 values for free!


Click through to read more about some of Ohana's incredible packages that are easy on your bank account but can make a difference in your life!

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Learn more about our current local events and how you can join.

Ohana School of Massage

Empowering you to positively touch lives. Massage therapy gives you the fulfillment, flexibility and freedom you've been looking for in a career.

Membership Information

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The Ohana family is exclusive to those who are interested in taking control of their health and wellness through massage and bodywork.

Pressure Point Massage

Our Keiki Membership is for those who are looking to maintain their current condition with 60 minutes of table time every month

Our Makua Membership is for those who want a little extra table-time and are simply looking to maintain with 90 minutes of table time every month.

Our Tutu Membership is for those who are looking to improve their current condition, and reduce stress on a regular basis. It includes two hours of table time every month.

Our Big Kahuna Membership is for those who are looking to make significant changes in their current condition, reduce pain, increase range of motion, and decrease stress on a frequent basis. It includes three hours of table time every month!


Each level of membership has its own level of discount on your services. The more you commit to your health and wellness through massage and bodywork, the more money you save!

Benefits of Membership

  • Two complimentary upgrades of your choice in every session ($10 value)

  • FREE 1 hour birthday session every year! ($99 value)

  • Quick and easy check-out after every session

  • Exclusive Member Perks! (to be announced via email)

  • Special member pricing for BioMat sessions

  • Cancel your membership at any time - no long-term commitment

  • Receive additional sessions at your member discount price!

Discuss membership options with your massage therapist at your next session, or contact us!


Earn Free Massage

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Refer Ohana Club!

Refer a friend and receive a FREE massage gift certificate. You are our best form of advertising, right? So, we would rather that you benefit than to advertise in a newspaper.


First and foremost: it's free to join!

The Refer Ohana Club will earn you free 30 minute massage or $25-50 value gift certificates!

Refer a friend, colleague, family member (or anyone else), and when they book a half hour or longer massage session—or another of our therapy services—you will receive a free gift certificate!

Your thank you gift is based on your referral’s purchase price. Once your friend comes in for their appointment, we will mail you your certificate.

Tell your friends and send them in for massage, IASTM, Myofascial Release, or any of our other offerings so you can start earning your free massage gift certificates!

Just think—with the right network of people, you may never have to pay for your sessions again!

Ask about the Refer Ohana Club on your next visit or call us now!


WeGiveBack Community Outreach Program

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What is the WeGiveBack Community Outreach Program?

Our WGB Community Outreach Program is our way of honoring members of our community for their hard work. There are many amazing people who dedicate their careers to making our community a better place and they deserve to be honored!

How does it work?

If you belong to the group that is being honored during a month, simply call 218-263-1501 and schedule your appointment. Be sure to ask for a WeGiveBack session. One of our staff will walk you through the process from there. 

Mental Health Professionals.png

In April, we honor Mental Health Professionals!

We are honored to be able to provide a little relief and recovery to those who work in the Mental Industry. That means you - Psychologists, Counselors, Therapists, Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, etc. 

First come- first served!

The first 10 callers will receive 50% off their session
The next 10 will receive 25% off their session. 

A total of 20 discounted sessions available!

*WGB massage must be scheduled and received before February 28, 2023.

Accelerated Healing Programs

WeGiveBack Rules

Wondering about the fine print of this program? 

Read below

  • You must belong to the group that is being honored that month. Example: only an educational teacher can partake when we honor educational teachers, not a teachers aid or administrative assistant.

  • You may be requested to provide proof that you belong to the group that is being honored. Proof could be an ID badge, paystub, association card, etc.

  • You can only partake in the WGB program once per year, even if you belong to more than one group that we are honoring.

  • All WGB appointments must be reserved with a credit card number. The credit card will only be charged, for the full session value, if you do not show up for your appointment or cancel within our 24 hr cancellation policy. 

  • You cannot reserve your WGB massage appointment until the month it starts. Example: If we are honoring Customer Service Workers in March, you cannot call to reserve your appointment until March 1st.

  • You cannot combine your WGB massage appointment with any other offers, discounts or coupons. Example: If you have a $5 off coupon, you cannot redeem that in the same session as your WGB discounted session. WGB massage appointments cannot be used in addition to memberships, but not in lieu of.

  • Discount can be applied to any length of session – or any therapist! Receive your discount to the session that best fits your needs. Discount not valid on product, gift certificate or future session purchases.

Fascial Freedom Program

Are you looking for lasting changes to your chronic pain?

Do you want to improve your posture?

Are you willing to take the time to create long-term results?

Then our Fascial Freedom program is right for you! Reduce restrictions and create space in your fascia to allow your body to heal itself, rather than trying to force your body to release. The John Barnes’ Approach to Myofascial Release is not quick fix solution. To create sustained results, a series of sessions in a short amount of time is recommended. Our Fascial Freedom Program was designed with that in mind. Includes:

  • Good-bye Pain and Stress Wellness Consultation

  • Evaluation and Assessment

  • Twelve 60-minute Myofascial Release sessions

  • Therapy ball with instructions for use

Specially priced with you in mind!



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Would you like to know how to finally be able to say "goodbye!" to your pain and stress?
Now you can feel your best!

Are you tired of therapies, treatments, lotions and potions that don't work?

Frustrated with what you've already done, that hasn't worked?

Are you ready for a solution that provides you with long-lasting effects?

Stressed Man
  • Create a crystal clear vision for ultimate success in your health and wellness,

  • Uncover your hidden challenges that are keeping you from feeling and performing your best, and

  • Leave the session feeling reinvigorated and inspired to create and maintain a wellness program that support your goals and fits your lifestyle/budget, once and for all!

Let our owner take your hand and show you the best way to get you started on the best path, right away! You may request your “Goodbye Pain and Stress” Wellness Consultation with our owner, Paula Fink, LMT. You may qualify to receive this $89 consultation as our gift, complimentary! In the consult, Paula will ask you a series of detailed questions to better understand your current state of pain and stress. She will help you clarify your health, stress and over-all wellness goals. During the consultation, you’re going to:

Mulit arms Massage.jpg

This “Goodbye Pain and Stress” Wellness Consultation session with Paula has a value of $89.00 but she provides this service as a gift to only 10 new or returning clients each month. (one consultation per person please) To qualify, you must be:

  • A resident of the Iron Range area,

  • Tired of not feeling well or living in pain,

  • Interested in making changes to your lifestyle once and for all!

If this sounds perfect for you, please request your free “Goodbye Pain and Stress” Wellness Consultation by completing the survey linked here!


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Healthier, Happier You!

The Healthier, Happier You! Package is designed for those who want to receive frequent massage and bodywork sessions to take charge of their health and wellness. This package comes with 12 massages (60 minute appointments) and all member benefits for the life* of the package.

*Package expires 12 months from purchase date. Cannot be split or shared.

Holding Tummy

Goodbye Pregnancy-Pain!

  • Five 60 minute Pregnancy Massage sessions

  • One 60 minute Postnatal Massage session to be used within 4 weeks from delivery

  • Massage Therapy for Children book

  • 30 minute hands-on massage training with newborn to be used within 4 weeks of delivery

  • Bottle of Jojoba Baby Care

A total value of $600!—but altogether, you’ll pay even less! Call to see if you qualify for this specially priced package today!


Our Newsletter

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Check out our new events!

Yoga at Ohana

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Pop-up Classes in May
Cost: $15 per class
$12 for Ohana Family Members

Private Sessions: $55 per hour
$50 for Members

yoga at Ohana.png

We are excited to offer a variety of pop-up yoga classes!


Chair Yoga

Monday, May 8th at 10:30am

A gentle form of yoga designed for those with limited mobility. Poses are done sitting on a chair or standing on the ground while using the chair for support. This class is 60 minutes long. Limited to 6 participants.


Restorative Yoga by Candlelight

Thursday, May 18th at 6pm

A total serene experience! This restful yoga practice holds yoga poses for longer periods of time. It uses props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters to support you in your yoga pose, allowing for deeper relaxation. This class is 75 minutes long. Limited to 6 participants.



Traditional Yoga

Wednesday, May 31st at 5:30pm

The traditional yoga practice that uses breath control, simple mediation techniques and specific bodily postures to enhance health and wellness. This class is 75 minutes long. Limited to 6 participants.


Private Yoga Sessions: By appointment

Wednesday, May 17th: 10am-4:30pm

Thursday, May 18th: 10am-4:30pm

Friday, May 19th: 12pm-4:30pm

Individual yoga session that is tailored to meet your specific needs and current physical condition. An amazing way to get feedback on your yoga poses and set lofty goals for your wellness journey.

We will contact you to schedule your session on our next business day. This class is 60 minutes long. Limited to 1 participant.

Ohana Family Members: please call the office to sign up and receive your discount.


Ohana Oasis
An afternoon of self care

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Ohana Oasis Small Image.png

Saturday, May 13
1pm - 2:30pm

Cost $25 per person

Join us to learn how to give yourself a spa-experience at home! Angela will guide you through easy and reproducible techniques to give your face, feet, and hands spa-like pampering. We start with a gua sha treatment to the face, a relaxing foot soak, and exfoliating treatments for the feet and hands. You will also learn simple massage techniques for the hands and feet to help you destress at home.  

Gua sha has is known for increasing circulation, improving lymphatic flow, and smoothing/contouring the face. We partner these techniques with hot towels, breathing techniques, and scented oils for a truly blissful experience.

For the feet: Start with a relaxing scented foot soak, exfoliate with a sugar scrub and finish up with self-foot massage. 

For the hands: Hot towel wraps to soften skin, exfoliate with a sugar scrub and finish up with simple hand massage techniques. 

We are excited to offer you this 90 minute class. Providing you with the tools and resources to pamper yourself with us AND at home! You get to bring the gua sha, sugar scrubs, face oils, and instructions home with you.

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