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A Self-Love practice

As so many are talking more about Love with Valentine’s Day so soon, I’d love to share a technique I recently started using to encourage more Self Love.

When I catch myself thinking those un-healthful thoughts:

How could you have been so stupid?

If you would just STOP…

Why can’t you do anything right?

You really shouldn’t have said that.

Those bad habits we’ve developed over the years.

When I hear thoughts like these start to roll through my head, I pause.

I sigh (you know, the kind that you would give to a loved one who was being too hard on themselves. Especially when you can see how hard they are working and they’re unable to recognize their progress).

I say OUTLOUD “I love you.

This little practice has helped SOOO much with my Self Love and Acceptance practice.

When looking for Self-Love techniques, try ones that are your learning style:

Auditory: Saying things you love about yourself out loud or listening to self-love mantra music

Visual: Surrounding yourself with pictures of things and people you love.

Write/Read: Writing things you like about yourself and reading it over regularly.

Kinesthetic: moving your body in ways that feel good (dance, exercise, stretching) or surround yourself with things that feel good (fuzzy blankets/socks or satin fabrics)

… and maybe even the ones in your Love Language:

Physical Touch: Spending more time on your self-care routine or moving your body in delicious ways.

Acts of Service: Decluttering your favorite room in the house or scheduling decompression time in your day.

Receiving gifts: Gifting yourself a massage or an outfit that makes you feel good!

Quality Time: Learning to meditate or taking yourself on a date.

Words of Affirmation: Journaling or dedicating time to your personal development.

Adding little tricks like this can help tremendously!


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